Banner With Slider

    The Banner with Slider module seamlessly integrates visually captivating banners with dynamic horizontal and vertical slide functionalities, enabling effortless content exploration. Its two customizable buttons empower user interaction, creating an engaging experience. Additionally, this module supports multiple instances, facilitating placement across various website pages or sections. Furthermore, it boasts theme adaptability, ensuring seamless integration with your website's design aesthetics.

    Version 3 (21 Feb 2024)

    ☆ Minor bug fixes

    Version 2 (20 Feb 2024)

    ☆ Added option to add a custom class so that the module can inherit your theme's container style.
    ☆ Minor bug fixes

    Adaptive to Current Theme:

    The module seamlessly integrates with your website's existing theme. You can easily customize the appearance, including color schemes, fonts, and transition styles, to match your site's branding and design.

    Vertical Slider:

    The module features an engaging carousel design with horizontal/vertical slide option, allowing users to smoothly navigate through your banner with slider. The interactive interface enhances user experience and encourages exploration of your content.

    Responsive Design:

    The "Banner with Slider" is fully responsive, adapting seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices. Whether accessed on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, the module ensures a consistent and enjoyable user experience.

    Multiple Instances:

    You can use the slider in multiple places across your website, showcasing different sets of Banner with Sliders. This flexibility allows you to target specific audiences or highlight diverse topics on different pages.

    Easy and Fast Setup:

    Implementing the "Banner with Slider" is straightforward and efficient. The module is designed for easy installation, saving you time and effort while adding an appealing and functional element to your website. This comprehensive module enhances user engagement, provides design flexibility, and simplifies the process of integrating dynamic banners into your website, making it an essential tool for captivating and retaining your online audience.

    1. Interactive carousel
    2. Vertical Slider
    3. Responsive design
    4. Adaptive to Current Theme
    5. Multiple instances
    6. Easy and Fast Setup
    Banner With Slider