AIO Popup Button

    Every business wants to attract more and more leads and turn them to customer. But even with a great looking website, sometime they forget one thing that called “CTA“. CTA stands fir Call-To-Action, a button, image, or a section that has the power to attract every visitor of site to see or click that element. 

    AIO (All In One) Popup Button module has been developed to make this a bit more easier to create a CTA section or button. As name says All In One (AIO), which means this can create popup of almost everything like Web Page, Image or an entire Image Gallery, Form, Dialogue box, Embedded Map or Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc.

    And for all these thing you don’t have to depend on any other module for gallery or anything. Our modules handles them all.

    1. 6 Types of popups
    2. Option to create gallery within popup
    3. Option to style button to match your theme
    4. Option to tweak some of the popup functions
    5. Inbuilt PDF viewer to support modern devices
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