Agency Starter

    The Agency Starter theme is specifically tailored for users who have the HubSpot Starter Plan.

    Our theme aims to provide a user-friendly customization experience. Agency Starter automatically selects three branding colors from your settings and applies them to create the exact vibe your website requires.

    While Agency Starter is initially designed as a 1-Page theme, we have included the "Blank Template" feature to enable you to create additional pages. The pre-built sections make it effortless for you to add pre-configured modules.

    As the debut theme from CodeDuplex, we are offering Agency Starter free of charge.

    Single Page Template

    A single page template refers to a website design that presents all its content on a single webpage, rather than dividing it into multiple pages. This type of template is commonly used for simple websites or landing pages where there is limited information to display.

    Pre-Configured Sections

    Ready-to-use content blocks or modules that simplify website creation and customization, enabling users to effortlessly add common elements like headers, testimonials, and contact forms.

    Easy and Fast Theme Setup

    User-friendly tools and intuitive interfaces for swift installation and configuration of website themes, allowing users to quickly set up and personalize their websites without technical complexities.

    Mobile-Friendly Design

    A responsive design approach that ensures optimal display and functionality on mobile devices, accommodating varying screen sizes, touch interactions, and offering an enjoyable browsing experience on smartphones and tablets.

    Optimized For Search Engines

    Strategic implementation of SEO techniques, including relevant keywords, meta tags, fast loading times, and responsive design, aimed at maximizing search engine visibility and attracting organic traffic, leading to a high 95% performance in search rankings.


    1. Single Page Template
    2. Pre-Configured Sections
    3. Easy and Fast Theme Setup
    4. Mobile-Friendly Design
    5. Optimized For Search Engines
    Agency Starter