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About this module

Starting a business can be an easy task to do but building an audience is not an easy task. So, a blog is a must tool for any business that helps the customer or audience to know your website or product better.
To make easy navigation among your blog posts we have created the Astra Post Pagination Module module which looks really beautiful and it is also 100% responsive.

Desktop View of Module

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Where to get this module?

Search for Astra Post Pagination in your Hubspot marketplace or from the left sidebar in Providers search for CodeDuplex and select the module.

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How to get this module ?

After selecting Module click on “Get Module” button to add this module in your account.

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How to add this module to the website ?

Just drag and drop the module wherever you want to use it.

All Responsive View of Module

Can we customize this module?

No!! But in a future update we will try to make it customizable.

Mobile View of Module


This module is completely Free.

Want to ask something about this module?

Comment below your issue and we will surely help you ASAP.

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