About us

Who we are?

CodeDuplex is a startup company founded by Manoj Rajput and located in Delhi, India. CodeDuplex mainly focuses on designing and development of Hubspot Templates, Blogs, and Modules.

Our main motive is to provide 100% responsive and error-free design so any business can adapt it without any second thought.

Why us?

Features that are merged with our products:-

  • GDD – Growth Driven Design
    we don’t design only for fun. Our products are designed on Growth Driven Design approach, which means

A design that can help to grow your business more.

  • Customizable – Why stick to a static module or template
    we, our-self don’t like to be in limit. So we started to think as a client, not as a designer or developer and we came to this decision that every product of CodeDuplex must have at least one customization option (Free) and many more possibilities if you decide to upgrade to a paid product.
  • Support – Even as a startup company we are still available to be contacted any day at anytime
    If you are feeling stuck or found any problem with our product, it does not matter it is free or paid. We are ready to help you. Send a message to us directly by using chat option below right corner or drop us a mail at [email protected]. We will get in touch ASAP.
  • Apart all of the above features our products are 100% Responsive, Beautiful and Ready To Use
    Before you use any of our product, it goes through a Double QA check. One from CodeDuplex and another from Hubspot QA team itself.

Think twice and ask yourself. Do you want a just good looking website or a GDD – Growth Driven Designed website.

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